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Sun Dec 10th, 2017

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10:03 pm - Stuff
1. I rarely listen to music so that when I do I find myself back in the time when I first heard that particular album or whatever. Thus have spent the afternoon in 1996 (Loreena McKennitt) and 1998 (Carols from Clare) where I didn't exactly want to be. And still can't find 1994 (Rankin Family, Fare Thee Well Love). (It's a compilation tape that has a version of Brave Marin that youtube wots not of. Thought it might have been by one of the Mcgarrigles but evidently not.)

2. Have written most of my Christmas cards. Can't remember who I sent cards to last year: have a feeling I wimped out on the local ones, but then remember someone thanking me for sending her one.

3. Having had enough of the recurring fly, I bought fly spray yesterday. When fly appeared in the study I swooshed it. fatal error: spray is headachey scented, worse than the worst anti-odorizers. Had to open window and turn on fan.
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Date:December 12th, 2017 02:13 am (UTC)
The card isn't here yet dear. We looked. BUT ... but last years was late even though you sent it out way well in advance ... and these days I don't know who's to blame either.

So don't worry. Christmas - the usual - fraught with everything. Ugh I don't know anymore.

And ugh those bug sprays ... it doesn't matter what they say they smell/or don't smell off (some of them claims these days) they still make the head ache! *HUGS*

And ugh Christmassy songs ... sometimes there are those that don't annoy so much but unfortunately they all get lost in the mix and drive me batty anyway.

Moer love, more hugs.
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Date:December 13th, 2017 01:06 am (UTC)
Oh, I expect the card to take a good month to get there, if not more. Expect it for New Year's- western or eastern, take your choice.

I've used wasp killer before which really had no smell. This one was a shock in consequence.

Hang in: all things must pass.

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