mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Up and Down

Up- my copy of Li He's poems arrived today.
Down- Customs' random snatch caught it and levied $14 duty on a $28 book.
Up- Customs didn't catch the Clear the Air order which was worth three times that.

Up- City workers delivered my new medium sized blue bin.
Also up- workers decanted my recycles from the old bin into it.
Down- bin is actually larger than the small size- higher and wider. I thought it would be small size minus the solid foot of plastic in the lower half which is there for no reason I can see.

Up- blessed blessed central heating on this cold night.
Down- still do not dare open the study vent and the study is cold
Up- Nor the bathroom one, but bathroom walls are warm and the only window is small

Jodi Taylor, Just One Damned Thing After Another
-- a fun romp, lots of twists and turns right to the end; but leaves me disinclined to read another right away, just because I fancy it will be more of same: twists and turns and madcap heroine and all.

Reading now?
Joan Aiken, Midnight is a Place
-- Boy, this one is dark. Needs to be adulterated with Aaronovitch to be readable at all.

Next up?
Thought I was going to read A Dark and Twisted Tide by Sharon Bolton, about a young policewoman in London. But it looks less police procedural than twisty thriller, and I'm not up for twisty thrillers, not as a follow-up to Aiken. So maybe I should just wait for Vallista to come in. And reread Tiassa while I'm doing it.

Or, yanno, read Li He.
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