mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Small happinesses

1. The parcel I sent from amazon which amazon's ridiculous delivery service was unable to deliver through multiple attempts, was at last delivered, though not to the alternate address I'd given. Props, I suppose, to the much-tried deliveryman who actually got it close to where it should be, but lord! could amazon's policies be less use than they are? You can leave parcels with a neighbour but not, say, the one across the street you're on good terms with. Nope, must be next door- who may be away or non-existent or non-English speakers or feuding bitterly with you. Nor can you change a delivery address once five attempts have failed to find the party at home shock horror during the work week. I mean, contingency plans, guys- that's what you need.

2. I have two books from the library to be brainless with.

3. Theoretically a day off, so I slept in till 11. Muscle relaxant and anti-histamine will do it to you.

4. It's going to rain tomorrow so I don't have to do laundry tonight.

5. I got my pay cheque, swollen to an unlikely number. Check the stub and see I've been paid for 4.5 staff hours when in fact I only did 30 minutes. Groan about how I must have entered an assistant shift in the staff column, as I have in the past, and go to check the hours book. And there, added to my 'garbage cleanup' entry, was the note 'and general helpfulness', while the '1' in the assistant hour column was crossed out and a '4' inserted in the staff hour column. Solid tokens of appreciation always welcome; and now I can buy my gin myself.

The garbage cleanup was indeed above and beyond the call, but some things bug me. One of them is the green bins for kitchen waste, provided by the university, that have no catches on them. I don't know what other uni buildings do about this, but we were providing a soup kitchen for the region squirrels, rats, raccoons, and others I dare not think of. Eventually I got two half cinder-blocks from the renovator around the corner and put them on the bins. But the garbage guys frequently tip the blocks off when collecting so they fall down behind things and so the bins are open to depredation again, and then the collectors won't take them because the bags are broken. So we had a bin a third full of slop- quinoa, oranges, banana peels, carrot shavings, onions, blah blah blah- stewing in the heat; and eventually I put on grubbies and a pair of latex gloves and went dumpster diving to get it OUT and rebagged and the bags under concrete again, and the offending bin well washed out (kiddies were doing water play, a boon) and the residue sent down the sewer. The staff plying the garden hose said, appalled, 'It looks like vomit!' Which it did, but that's quinoa for you.
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