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Better late than never - Off the Cliff

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Thu Sep 21st, 2017

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06:57 pm - Better late than never
So now we're having the summer weather we didn't get in July and August. Mellow warm clear days without a hint of rain, sun hot in the afternoon but not unbearable, cicadas singing out of season, nights what August would call cool- 16, 17- but I still use the window AC, even set at 20C. It's as much for the dryness as to avoidance allergens (bad year for those) as well as the skunk that has its sights set on being king of the block. Gratefully, I can afford this luxury because the property tax increase rebate came through to the tune of 750 dollars.

Can also afford dinner at Pauper's Pub, excellent meatloaf and a frozen margarita, out on the patio under the yellow and falling leaves of the pumpkin trees.

The Indian gardener's son has gone with grass on his front lawn. Foolish foolish Indian gardener's son. Look at your next-door's unavailing attempts to have greenery. Only one house on this street has decent grass, and bets are taken as to whether it's the real thing or an expensive kind of astroturf. Sensible people go with ground cover.

Last April's mouse was invisible except for the magically vanishing bait in the untipped tip-trap. No gnawed bread in the bread bag, no poo on the counters. But I always had a feeling that it was still around somewhere. And thus, when I carelessly left half an unpalatable green-tea mini-mooncake on the table last night, perhaps no surprise that I found much of it demolished this morning, accompanied by large (for a mouse) mouse turds. Tip-trap is now baited with mooncake, and we shall see if mouse has become any porkier since the spring.
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Date:September 22nd, 2017 01:03 am (UTC)
How beautifully mellow your days sound! Except for the mouse, I suppose, but even there your words have a air of benign enquiry, rather than angst. Mouse and Mooncake - it sounds like a folk-tale yet to be collected. :)
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Date:September 22nd, 2017 12:03 pm (UTC)
They are beautiful and mellow, in fact, though that's mostly the dreamy weather.

Mouse is still lightweight as ever, alas. Ate a large wodge of mooncake and departed without tripping the trap. Ah well.

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