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One summer afternoon, with storm watch - Off the Cliff

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Mon Sep 4th, 2017

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04:13 pm - One summer afternoon, with storm watch
Warm blowy day, summer's last blast (maybe), blasted itself by our annual Traumatize The Refugees and Any Dogs Within Earshot bunfest aka the Air Show. War planes breaking the sound barrier and stray eardrums. Thus stayed in and adulted- dishes, laundry, and sorting through mounds and mounds of old bills. Some of which will eventually be shredded when I can get to next door's shredder. Possibly a waste of a long weekend, but better than sitting reading all day. And the clean kitchen floor from yesterday glads my heart.

Also cricked my neck sleeping last night, and am plagued by IT band and lumbar aches. So walking was not an option, alas.
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