mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Belated Sept 1 post

What happened in August? What happened in August that I remember, and not the stuff I noted in my daybook?

There was an eclipse, nothing amazing, that has itself mixed up with the action of Cyrion.
There was losing my acupuncture studio and starting at another, always on muggy days.
My landline went out and was repaired in blistering heat; two weeks later I had a cortisone shot in the rain.
In between mug and rain there were two pleasant evenings with the Young Ladies and two pleasant afternoons in various Second Cups.
I read a number of graphic novels; I reread three of the Tiffany books; I read a collection of Harley Quin stories: but only the last reminds me of the specific place where I read them.

This year was indeed cooler than last; I never had to use the central AC; but neither were there days and days of invigorating sun and splendid clouds. Nothing precisely wrong with this August but none of the usual delightful tropes either.

Now it's distinctly autumnal- grey clouds, jacket coolness, chestnut leaves turning at the edges, pink and purply cosmos filling whatever gardens go for that (next door did a late landscaping project so their front-lawn crop, usually chest-high and covering the side path, is reduced to a discreet and tiny clump in a corner.) Rain tomorrow; maybe I *will* stay in and read. Who knows?
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