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Roll on the (long) weekend - Off the Cliff — LiveJournal

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Thu Aug 31st, 2017

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10:12 pm - Roll on the (long) weekend
Is cold this evening: autumn come early. Jacket weather in the daytime, closed windows at night. And many many antihistamines.

The latest Hundred Demons is supposedly on its way to me, so I started a reread of the penultimate volume to refresh my memory. It was like opening a door into a forgotten room: oh yes! Ritsu and Akira and Uncle Kai and 'how changed from what he was' Aoarashi. Why yes, I remember them well.

Environment Canada has changed its webpage's coding so that it no longer displays correctly in this version of Chrome, the last version that will work with WinXP. I will will will get a tablet *soon*, because I dislike having to use my phone for something this basic. (And even my phone's browser is out of date, but its version of Chrome is even worse.) Use my laptop? The laptop is still in its box from last May.

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Date:September 1st, 2017 11:19 pm (UTC)
I have just received an unexpected and delightful shipment of maple sugar candy. Thank you very much indeed!

Would there be anything that you would like from over here?
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Date:September 2nd, 2017 02:31 am (UTC)
As ever, I'm gobsmacked at the speed of the PO.

What's the story on The Furthest Station? People seem to have read it, but amazon.uk says it's going to be published this month. And amazon.ca says they have one copy, list price $50, mine for $39.16, which seems pricey for a novella.
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Date:September 3rd, 2017 03:28 pm (UTC)
It should be out in physical copy here on the 28th September (according to amazon). I'll get you a copy.
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Date:September 3rd, 2017 03:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you. But do you know if it's hardcover or paperback? If the former, I'd rather wait for the trade paperback to come out. Facing Reality here, and eventual down-sizing to some place with no stairs, means considerations of future shelf space.
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Date:September 3rd, 2017 04:25 pm (UTC)
It says hardcover, but there's no information about if or when there will be a paperback.

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