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Secrets of the ages

My father puzzled endlessly how it is that garden hoses tie themselves into knots, and was delighted to find an explanation in the subtle expansion and contraction that comes with heating and cooling. I puzzle endlessly as to how my shower mat acquires brown grunge around its little suckers when I always hang it up to dry immediately after a shower. In those five or ten minutes, does enough water accumulate around the suckers to create mineral deposits? I clean them with an old toothbrush, which works but is time-consuming and annoying.

Last finished?
Moore and Wossface, Century 1910, which is all a riff on The Threepenny Opera. It confused me by being ostensibly the next installment of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but everyone was changed or gone and a whole buncha new people appeared from nowhere. Discover at last that one must read the print stories in LoEG, which I'm not sure I care to do. Have however read the first two Cap'n Nemo II books which operate as sequels to Century 1910, again with significant time lapses and people I'm supposed to know about but don't. Graphic novels confuse me utterly.

John Sutherland, Is Heathcliff a murderer?: great puzzles in nineteenth-century literature
-- I don't know about great, but these are fun little literary cruces, often to do with writers not keeping track of their timelines. The author's answer to the title question is 'yes', on the grounds that 20-something young men don't drink themselves to death in a night. Me, I can't keep the non-Heathcliff male characters in Wuthering Heights straight because they all have such weird repeating names.

On the go?
Started The Wee Free Men as respite from Alan Moore.

Have been meaning to reread the Abhorsen trilogy as prelude to reading the latest.
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