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There was a Front Lawn Library laid out yesterday in front of the house with the swing (old-fashioned kind: board and two ropes hung from a tree-branch: hence, family with kids.) I passed on the cookbooks and passed a shade regretfully on the YA. I couldn't get into Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe when I had it from the library so I left it for someone of the appropriate age group. But I was having a cortisone shot today at the hospital, meaning much hanging about in waiting rooms, and thought I should bring something light in case the Ghosh-on-the-go proved too heavy, and there was a copy of Jamaica Inn and I've never read any du Maurier so....

And indeed I was in no mood for Ghosh as I sat in Diagnostic Imaging, so I rustled out the du Maurier and found- the first forty pages had a 2 by 3" hole in them, the sort one secretes knives in for prisoners except not nearly big or deep enough. Découpage, I thought in my innocent fashion. But the people at work- who all claimed to have watched too much CSI: Crime Scene Investigation- said no no no, must be smuggling something in to an imprisoned friend. Which I doubt because- smuggler books don't get put out on front lawns, just for a start. And anyway- 2 inches by 3 by1/2 an inch? Wouldn't even fit a cigarette pack.

Cell phone, said a younger assistant. Not supposed to have or have at school or whatever and smuggled in in a book. Which makes sense. But smuggler hasn't watched enough CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, because you're supposed to hollow out the *middle* of the book.

Meanwhile, if Environment Canada says 30% chance of showers, that usually means sun and some clouds. We've had Alert: Severe Thunderstorm Watches that resulted only in heat and big white clouds and wind. But in this most 2008ish of summers, 30% chance of showers means monsoon downpour. And so today proved- luckily, /after/ I got back from the hospital.
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