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1. If I set out to do housekeeping, thinking 'I really must clean this room', it doesn't get done since I am not the boss of me. But if I'm loose-ending in the afternoon, waiting for an acupuncture appointment at the new place and worrying it will rain, well look, the vacuum's already here, just a once-over; and at the end I've moved the futon platform and taken out the drawers and sucked up 1.5 canisters' worth of dust elephants. I'm sure I haven't done that any time this year, but there was actually surprisingly little dust for a year's neglect. And for once my back didn't ache and hips didn't twinge doing it, so yay my intermittent yoga stretching.

2. My local is closed so I went to Starbucks up the street for a chai latte. They really shouldn't put calorie counts on things: A slice of lemon loaf is 90 calories less than an egg-cheese muffin, so guess which one I had? Starbucks was pleasantly empty for a holiday Monday: enough people to be cheerful but tables and chairs for the asking. Weekends leave me people-deprived anyway and long weekends throw in a Monday, so it was nice to have people around me for a change. Especially since one specimen was a guy in one of the armchairs, cradling a very few weeks' old scrap of humanity in a pink sleeper against his chest with one hand and drinking coffee with the other.

3. One of the old studio's acupuncturists works Mondays at a place just south of the grossly misnamed Chinatown Centre. Back in 2000- which I can now scarce recall- it was a busy enough place, when I went there to shell out $25Can for a single Saiyuuki tank. But for the last ten years it's been going downhill. Now a good third of the store spaces are empty and the rest all sell identical tat- shoes, hats, garish fancy dresses for little girls. The bootleg DVD stores are gone, as are almost all the anime guzu ones: the one place with anime keychains (among other kinds) was still Dragonball and One Piece and Naruto. Sic transit and all. A bit sad, because this weekend is the 17th anniversary of my induction into Saiyuuki fandom (celebrated: it was actually a gradual process) and I heave a nostalgic sigh for those halcyon days.

4. The new-to-me acupuncture studio is in an old factory building, which gives you high ceilings and windows, even if they only look out on a cinder block wall. It too has comfy chairs but they aren't as comfy as my old studio's. But still, I must be grateful that it exists at all, so I will be. And as ever, being in some place totally new makes the world feel larger. If I could only travel again, I think half my megrims would vanish.
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