mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Unravelling the long weekend

Blissful to sleep last night with windows open and no fans at all. This is not likely to be repeated soon, because though the forecast mid-teen lows are respectable, they come after muggy August mid-20 highs that feel much warmer than they are.

Friday I got down to the library for a bunch of graphic novels and to the liquor store for mickeys of gin and rye and rum. Then came home moments before a thunderstorm and slashing rain descended. Today I read The Best American Comic 2008, chosen by Lynda Barry. Conclude I really don't like American comics and, actually, never have. Manga are prettier and bandes dessinées (or the ones I read in the 80s) not as nightmarish. Maybe I should look at the volume edited by Alison Bechdel, to see if she's picked people who draw like *her*.

Have gained five pounds in a week, much of which is water weight because I can see that it is. Some may be due to indulgence but I suspect the rest is because of no acupuncture for two weeks. Acupuncture does drain you that way. Thus I have booked an appointment tomorrow down Spadina and hope it doesn't rain as much as it's forecast to.

I lost my sunglasses, the ones I'd put my name on, so bought another two pairs. Broke one of them last week and now have misplaced the other. Must bring the same extreme concentrated mindfulness to bear on where I put my sunglasses down as I do on whether I take my meds in the morning. True, dollar store sunglasses cost a quarter of Loblaws sunglasses but even so, one doesn't want to run through them like water.

A happy reread of A Hat Full of Sky soothes me. Alas, I don't like Wintersmith as much: might just skip on to I Shall Wear Midnight instead.
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