mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Stuck memories

Instead of a list of books read- since summer reading is usually not all that and this July was no exception- I should make a list of Notable Happenings, or rather, Days That Stick in the Mind. Not that there were many of those either.

Two successive dinners at Thai Ginger, Monday 3 and Tuesday 4.
Rainy cool morning at College Starbucks reading Case Histories after getting my crown replaced, Thurs 13
All the toddlers playing in the monsoon rain a week later.
Catching the end of the Porch View dances in the park, crowds swaying together to rather nice music on Wed 19: and never seeing the whole show because of rain and thunder all the other days
A cool dry grey no-season day, down to the AGO for the O'Keeffe exhibit, up to Bakka for Black Mould, fannish happiness, Wed 26.

And a dream last night of Japan, going back to my dorm to pick up the stuff I left there so many years ago. This is a recurring topos: usually it's an apartment from the 70s where I leave my possessions, usually forgetting I had them in the first place. My dorm is now a long darkish wooden hall where people have curtained off spaces or just beds- everyone has their separate space but there are no walls dividing them, and many of the people are old or bedridden or a bit gaga. Go far enough down the hall and you find a store on the right, or rather a space that sells things for the residents. Down there, on the left, you also find shelves of books and piles of stuff abandoned by previous tenants, and I start going through them thinking they should be thrown out as well- the books' paper crumbling, the clothes bundled up. But these leftover books are from before WW1, they must be valuable, what to do- they take up space but you can't get rid of them.
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