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Stuck memories - Off the Cliff

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Tue Aug 1st, 2017

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08:26 pm - Stuck memories
Instead of a list of books read- since summer reading is usually not all that and this July was no exception- I should make a list of Notable Happenings, or rather, Days That Stick in the Mind. Not that there were many of those either.

Two successive dinners at Thai Ginger, Monday 3 and Tuesday 4.
Rainy cool morning at College Starbucks reading Case Histories after getting my crown replaced, Thurs 13
All the toddlers playing in the monsoon rain a week later.
Catching the end of the Porch View dances in the park, crowds swaying together to rather nice music on Wed 19: and never seeing the whole show because of rain and thunder all the other days
A cool dry grey no-season day, down to the AGO for the O'Keeffe exhibit, up to Bakka for Black Mould, fannish happiness, Wed 26.

And a dream last night of Japan, going back to my dorm to pick up the stuff I left there so many years ago. This is a recurring topos: usually it's an apartment from the 70s where I leave my possessions, usually forgetting I had them in the first place. My dorm is now a long darkish wooden hall where people have curtained off spaces or just beds- everyone has their separate space but there are no walls dividing them, and many of the people are old or bedridden or a bit gaga. Go far enough down the hall and you find a store on the right, or rather a space that sells things for the residents. Down there, on the left, you also find shelves of books and piles of stuff abandoned by previous tenants, and I start going through them thinking they should be thrown out as well- the books' paper crumbling, the clothes bundled up. But these leftover books are from before WW1, they must be valuable, what to do- they take up space but you can't get rid of them.
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Date:August 2nd, 2017 01:48 am (UTC)
All the toddlers playing in the monsoon rain a week later. - This at any age is the best thing ever ... although of course, when you are older and have no accompanying children, it does tend to look odd to some people!

I haven't done this in years ... and I feel the need to right this at some point ... when we next have monsoon rain. Which I might have to wait till November for it, though maybe later this month might be fruitful. ^_^

The one recurring dream I do have which I have from time to time since my teen years is floating upwards towards a ceiling. But I never reach it, and I realise too that there are no windows as I float up. Sometimes there are colourful baloons with me sometimes none. It's just the weirdest thing.

I think dreaming of old books is cool though.

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