mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ah, lassitude

Verging on hot (ie 30C/ 86F) so I succeeded only in picking up my disposable lenses, and finding a case for my foreign cell phone. Made in China universal size (meaning I can't recharge with it in) and probably a rip-off: when people say the price is 20 bucks flat with no mention of sales tax, well...

What I wanted was a stylus because my last one came unscrewed, leaving only the rubber end stuck in the phone. Got two more from the box at Factory Direct, clerk took them and went rooting through box again, then said 'I'm sorry, all these are broken.' Somehow all the rubber tips had vanished from the ends. If I'd been thinking I'd have realized that was exactly what I wanted, but thinking is an activity unknown in July. So, well...

Last finished?
Atkinson, Case Histories
--tempted to read more of this series if and when.

Block, The Burglar who liked to Quote Kipling and The Burglar who Studied Spinoza
-- not as highbrow as it sounds but fun fast reads; good for summer

On the go?
Perennially, The Kalevala and The Lais of Marie de France. Had a huh? moment in the Kalevala with Horndog Lemminkäinen or someone shaking his black hair and twirling his black moustaches and me going 'But Finns are blond!' until another part of my brain said 'Sami.' Which I suppose could be.

Griffin, Kitty Peck and the music hall murders
-- to date, 'isn't Victorian London deadly?' It's at least the third book this summer with a young girl on her own trying to care for or trying to find a brother parted from her, which is getting a touch too much Dickens for me

Dunn, Superfluous women: a Daisy Dalrymple mystery
-- umpty-umpth in a series. Forgettable writing so far

Dickinson, King and Joker
-- or maybe it's my summer-fogged brain, because I'm having great difficulty following this. Perhaps I should just reread the Weathermonger trilogy.

Coupla more burglar books on their way from the library.
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