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1. Moths are just as stupid as flies about getting themselves in and not being able to get themselves out, but they're are easier to take. Flies buzz stupidly; moths just sit there in placid contemplation. Which said, coming into my side bedroom and finding three moths sitting on the wall is not a happy-making experience. If they'd just perch low enough, I could glass-and-paper them out the window, which trust me, you cannot do with flies. Then they probably come back in again. But why, when the room is in darkness and the lovely sun is shining through that slice of open window, do they not fly out to the light?

2. Am not sure what criteria were at work in assembling The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes because out of six stories so far, one stars a detective and five star various criminals, thieves, conmen, and grifters.

3. If I have PTSD it's from the blackout of 2003. Any morning outage that lasts longer than five minutes makes me anxious and unhappy, especially when Hydro's 'report outages here' link turns out to be broken. This is why one makes friends with one's neighbours: shared problems are lighter problems, and someone else on the block obviously got through to Hydro and rousted the trucks out. But this might be last straw that gets me to either buy a tablet for easier web browsing, or go halfsies with my bro on getting a generator for this place.

4. A quarter past July and I have yet to finish a book, though I've abandoned three. First for the month will probably be Gaiman, unwillingly, because this collection of stories is him in 'far too clever for his own good' mode.

5. There's a new 100 Demons out at the end of August and the new Peter Grant and Craft novels at the end of September. They all should have come out *this* month, say the traditionalist, but I'll take what I can get.
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