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Because I feel ijiwaru I shall post the translation to the spring Gaiden episode that hasn't yet appeared online. Well, not on many people's line, whatever.

The karma may be that Enrai is the spitting image of Yakumo, but that's not what I mean.

p.1 Lamentation for the one still buried, even now, amid that pale crimson

p.2 The road to despair up ahead

p.3 F/X hurtling bodies
mad dash
The four rebels who have crept into the imperial palace

p.4 are headed towards the deepest level of the castle basements, making for the dimension gate that leads to the lower world
Soldier: Don't let them get away! Kill them if you must!
On the way they break through a guarded passage on the first floor of the northern wing
Konzen: (surprise)
Gokuu: Here they come!
Soldier: (grunt)
F/X Gokuu trips the soldier

p5 Soldier: Damn kid-- guhhh!
F/X Konzen's heeled sandal digs into soldier
Kenren: It's the door at the end of the corridor, Konzen!
F/X door pushed open
Konzen: Gokuu! Hurry!
Gokuu: (grunts as he kicks)
F/X soldier goes flying

p.6 F/X thud of running feet
Soldier: WAIT!!
F/X soldier's gurgle as Tenpou jabs him with his sheathed sword
Kenren: Get in here, Tenpou!!
F/X Kenren kicks door shut

p.7 F/X Tenpou and Gokuu panting
Konzen: gasping for breath
Kenren: You OK, Konzen?
Konzen: Yeah...
Kenren: Looks like they're not going to give us a rest.
Konzen: What?
F/X squadron on upper level with bows drawn aiming at the guys

p.8 (round chamber ringed with archers)

p.9 (hollow noise)
Konzen: What...?
Konzen: (thinks) We're surrounded?!
Tenpou: Should have known- you're a bright boy-
Second Squadron leader of the Western army

p.10 Tenpou: Enrai.
Enrai: I'm honoured by your good opinion of me, Marshal Tenpou
Tenpou: Right now I'm just a nameless fugitive. Oh, and I've resigned as marshal
Kenren: Enrai- he was leader of the first squadron before I was
He and Tenpou didn't get along so he was moved to another division.
Enrai: So you're resigned to your fate?
Tenpou: Not yet! Or rather, how about just overlooking our existence?
Enrai: ...you always did take your jokes too far

P11 Enrai: I always figured someone like you didn't know how the men who followed you felt.
Tenpou: Nothing of the sort. I just get on best with people who like joking too.
Enrai: And because you're that kind of officer, you were content to have a mere fourteen men attached to you.
Kenren: I don't care what you say about us two. But I won't keep my mouth shut while you make fun of my squadron

p.12 Enrai: Really? So what are you going to do?
You have a nerve, acting big when things are like this.
Tenpou: Don't stop- just keep running through them.
Konzen: What?
Enrai: I'm going to give you what you deserve
You filthy--

p.13 Enrai: RATS!! (J note: well, hedgehogs, actually, but really...)
Tenpou: RUN!!!
F/X flat out running
Enrai: Shoot them!!!
F/x bows drawn back
Voices: Guahh! Guh!
F/X blows

p.14 Enrai soldier: Gah---!!
(Enrai's men fall with arrows in them)
(Kenren's men fighting)
Kenren: !!?
F/X one of Enrai's men falls from the parapet
Kenren: You guys--?

P15 F/X sound of hand-to-hand fight
Kenren soldier: Are you alright, General?! Marshal?
Tenpou: What are you doing here??
F/X wounded soldier groans

P.16 Enrai: So the mice have come out--
F/X Enrai soldier grunts as Kenren soldier kicks him
Kenren soldier 1: We'll take over here
Kenren soldier 2: Go on ahead while you can, General!
Kenren: *Cut it out!!* You guys can't get involved in this!!
Tenpou: We're not your commanding officers any more!!
Soldier: --sorry! Can't hear what you're saying, marshal!

P.17 Soldier: 'In the absence of orders take personal responsibility'- that's our squadron's motto, right?
Soldier: That barbecue was really good, General!
Kenren: sheesh- these assholes!
(flashback) Kenren to Tenpou: Everyone wants to fight *with* you!
Konzen: Tenpou!!

P.18 F/X Enrai's swordstroke
Enrai: (yells) Ooohh--!!!
F/X Tenpou's sword sheath falls to the ground

P19 F/X Enrai spits blood
F/X blood spurt
F/X Tenpou's sword stroke?

p.20 Tenpou: --this is my final order
Kill them all!
Don't leave a single man alive who saw you here. Do you hear me!!

p.21 Soldiers: YES SIR!!!
F/X Tenpou and Kenren start running again
Tenpou: Good. We're out of here.
F/X Enrai soldiers guarding the door prepare for attack
Kenren soldier: But in that case--
The General and the Marshal will get all the glory of having killed this lot!
Enrai soldier: Don't let them get away! Kill them!
Kenren: (laughs) Don't be such a party-pooper.

F/X Kenren's gun firing
F/X Tenpou runs soldier through
Soldier: Gahhh---
Gokuu: Ten-chan--
Ken nii-san, hurry!

p.23 F/X Kenren's boot step
Soldier: Take care, Marshal, General!
Soldier: Let's have some more barbecue!
Kenren: Got it, got it!
Next time it'll be the first class special
F/X doors slam
Enrai soldier: (frustration)
Kenren soldier: Eizen! Goyou!
F/X Enrai soldier punches Tenpou soldier

p.24 Kenren soldier: We're gonna carry out this mission no matter what. This is the Western army, first squadron's final battle.
Tenpou: Well then, let's be on our way.
The longer it takes the more people we'll have after us.
Kenren: Tenpou

p.25 Kenren: Next time we split the cost.
Tenpou: But naturally.
Tenpou (to Gokuu): Are you afraid of me?
F/X Gokuu shakes his head

p.26 Gokuu: I figured, whatever happens I'll always like you, Ken-nii and Ten-chan.
The way those guys back there did.
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