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Wed Jun 21st, 2017

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09:58 pm - Good day
Inevitably, perfect days this summer (which I know has technically only just begun, but that's not how it works in reality) are followed by forecast rain and thunder. Mind, this summer even rainy damp days are followed by forecast rain and thunder. It is a wet year. But I shall note that today was a perfect summer day, blue skies, white clouds, cool wind and warm- OK, hot- sun.

I serendipitied into two pairs of good pants at Suzy Shier, not a store I'd ever buy at because I don't fit women's sizes. But they have a small line of plus, and they had two black rayon 2XLs for very little, so now I'm set for everything but the hottest weather. Their 2XL is actually a mite too large, which is heartening, because I can't wear the general run of women's XL; and anything that lets breezes blow about one's limbs is to be encouraged.

Did a wash and hung it on the line and it dried in no time and only the pants had bird poo on them. Win! Tackled the hedge finally, which is now a lot lower than it was, though no healthier on my side. Vast forests of dead wood. Had I a good electric saw or trimmer I'd take the dead bits out and replant, but this will do for the nonce. And finally repotted the philodendron and added the cuttings that have been sprouting in water for more than a year. We shall see if they survive.

So a good sweaty healthy day, and now for a hot shower and hair wash.

(Oh, and LJ on my phone has everyone in my own style. I'm fond of my own style for me, but seeing everybody against a pink background is disconcerting.)

Last finished?
The last three Ruth Gallaghers (6, 7 & 8) except the current published-this-year. The Outcast Dead was the child murders one which for obvious reasons I found hard to read; The Ghost Fields had the Cold Comfort Gothic family with something nasty in the pig pen and was rather fun; The Woman in Blue was a bit far to seek in its resolution, which was not sufficiently fictional tidy.

Reading now?
Agatha Christie, Why didn't they ask Evans?, found thanks to my DW circle. It's a large-print edition which always keeps the action at a distance for me, but it's Christie and nothing horrible can happen in her world.

Next up?
Argh again. Should tackle Mt. TBR, but do I really want to read The Vintner's Luck with its embarrassing self-pubbed-looking cover? Or could re-read some Tiffany Aching, but Tiffany in June has bad memories for me. Read the first one in 2010 during the G20 Summit fiasco and the bad association still lingers. Maybe re-re-read Going Postal with much happier Juneish associations?

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Date:June 24th, 2017 04:00 pm (UTC)
The day does indeed sound brilliantly healthy and serendipitous and an all-round win. :) What's your hedge of?

Agatha Christie's world is for sure (in general, or as far as I know) a wonderfully known place - nothing horrible, as you say, and nothing badly unsettling. I recently indulged in watching a run of David Suchet's Hercule Poirot, which I heartily recommend any time you feel like watching something, not reading. They're available on youtube, and have a terrific sense of period in costumes and locations.
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Date:June 25th, 2017 12:52 am (UTC)
Privet, I think. Whatever the bog-standard Toronto hedge is made of. Requires much trimming to remain healthy, grows like weed if abandoned, and is really rather undistinguished. Also stray maple seeds like to blow into the interior and start growing; they're impossible to pull out and dangerous to dig, given the pointy privet branches in the way.

If I ever start using the new laptop- or even better, if I get a tablet- I shall start watching youtube. This old XP groans so loud that it drowns out dialogue on same.

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