mjj (flemmings) wrote,

How all my *senses* do inform against me

Either I've got used to the noise my computer makes or it's stopped making it. Hard to tell with all the other ambient noise (its usual airplane taking off sound, the table fan, the lawn mowers in the neighbourhood.)

I rarely used my dryer because it wouldn't dry heavy things, but the stuff I did dry was OK. Workman replaced the vent hose in January. Just recently I've discovered that stuff I dry and leave in the dryer overnight or for a day or two comes out smelling odd. Stuff I take immediately from the dryer is OKish. On the off chance that it's actually the washer to blame, I'm running a hot water and bleach cycle through the thing. If there were fabric softener sheets that didn't give me headaches, I might start using those, but there aren't. The clothesline will be unusable for the next six weeks or so, so this is a bit of a problem. Sheets and towels I will entrust to the untender mercies of the laundromat, underwear and tank tops I can hang from the chandelier (truly: on those Asian hanging wheel things) or over the banister; but give us mug and neither of these last will work.

My sense of smell knows when I've worn a set of clothes before, even if they remain clean. One can't hang all one's trousers over the banister until needed again (for one thing, the wash is hanging there.) So I shall cover the- to me- obvious odour. Bought a cake of Dr. Bronner's lavender soap, which is currently scenting my t-shirt drawer. Shall saw it in quarters and distribute around the pants and sock drawers and hope that works. If I ever worry about having Alzheimer's, I can reassure myself that my sense of smell is getting better, not worse
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