mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Luddite again

The "College of Early Childhood Educators" (sic) (or in Dorothy Parker's phrase 'sic as a dog') is a government-supported cash grab by a bunch of people who think a professional disciplinary body is necessary for care-givers. They don't advocate for us or for better daycare funding or anything like that, god forbid; they impose fees and fines and requirements and demand $150 annually for the privilege of being our overlords. Nor can they be arsed to send out renewal forms to their members. 'You can download and print the form from our site' ie *you* pay for the paper and ink and stamp, $12.50 an hour peon. 'Oh but you can complete the form and send it to us as an email attachment!' Yes well, I did that, and they wrote back that the form was blank. Checked my sent email, and yes, by golly, so it was. So refilled and saved and checked for sure that the form was complete. And back they come telling me my form is still incomplete but will not say how. Checked email again, on my phone, with three different .pdf readers. And two say the form is filled out- and one says it's still blank.

I hate .pdfs and I hate CECE and if I needed any further impetus to retire, this would be it.
Tags: rl_17, techy

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