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'That the small rain down can rain' - Off the Cliff

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Tue Jun 6th, 2017

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10:18 pm - 'That the small rain down can rain'
Should note the chill air blowing in on this brown evening, because heat will descend on us by week's end if not earlier. But it's still bedsocks and beanbag weather, and the side bedroom window closed. This feels medieval, because I think the middle ages all happened in grey and rainy fall, just as ancient Athens was all cool and blue and sunny. And the first, no doubt, has something to do with the wet fall of... '68, was it? and Greece comes from first reading Plato in September of '67. Even the chronic rain of the rest of autumn '67 couldn't erase the first stout Cortez experience, that got all mixed up with the September glory.
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