mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Another loose-end Sunday

Always a surprise to discover the sun still shining after 8 at night. The days grow longer quickly as one approaches the solstice, but they don't shorten as dramatically moving away. It's always the end of August that has me going 'What, dark already?'

Cool/ cold weather, but dank and achy with it. June; one must be grateful it doesn't broil. Still have sore throat and sore shoulders and incipient cough and feel invalidish.

Was forecast to rain all day, so I meant to stay in and read my Elly Griffiths forensic anthropologist book. Had forgotten that they're all written in present tense, 3rd person, which might up the suspense quotient except one knows the narrator will not die mid-book because the series is named after her. But this one turns out to be about child murders, for which I am not up. Library webpage said the previous book, about Arthurian doings, was in at the Gladstone library, so biked out there: to find it had been removed to fill a hold request.

So started a Mt TBR mystery, the first of the Cooper/ Fry procedurals. Diane Fry is even gittier in this one than in the following books. For someone determined to advance her career and make a good impression in this new posting, she sure sneers and snides at Cooper an awful lot. Makes for bleak reading.
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