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Musing on dress

Since my 30s at least I've found t-shirts unwearable. Too hot in the heat, too cold in the cool: useless, essentially. I suffered with them in summer until I discovered tanktops and cotton hapi coats. But something has changed. Even last summer, a very warm one here, I eschewed my hapi coats because... because... because the t-shirts I had were thin enough to be cool. Even though the thin t-shirts I bought in Tokyo were never thin enough for here, twenty years ago. (Or there, for that matter, but in Japan one must cover up.) So now I can bring out my old shirts, basically unworn for a decade, and use them again.

My neck vertebra have been acting up since, ohh 2008 at least. I loosed a battalion of chiropracters and acupuncturists and physiotherapists on them and eventually things settled down. But I couldn't be having with bra straps: any pressure on the shoulder started the tingling and pain down the arm. Lycra tube tops were the answer, but no one makes them any more. (I don't mean bandeau bras: I mean camisole to the waist, if not beyond.) I mean, they do make lycra camisoles but they all have straps: they don't stay up by themselves. And I still don't have a solution. But Facebook in its infinite advertisementness showed me a video about a bra without underwire (loathe underwire) and soft straps that supposedly fit and support any breast shape. Ordered some. They came from China (!!) and came with inserted padding. Why they think a 3X size needs padding I don't know, but at least they're removable. And the bras are... well enough, in any case. I'd like a heavier band under the bra, but at least the straps aren't the monsters that sports bras are, which hit all the wrong places. So I am pleased, because a lycra camisole in the mug is a very unpleasant sweaty business indeed. Needs rinsing every day and doesn't dry easily. Also the bras come in gaudy purple and fuchsia and blue, and will look decorative at the sides of my tanktops: which of course have the men's style low cut armhole.
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