mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The Glorious 25th

So there was me totally confused, thinking Doors Open was last weekend instead of this upcoming one. But the objections are the same- knees are unhappy in the cold rain and the subway is closed between two pertinent stations. If pressed, I could bicycle to Yonge, but it's not a happy route getting over there. Where the developers haven't taken up a lane for their condos, the streets are pitted with potholes that the city won't fix until the developers have finished building etc etc etc.

Thief of Time was something like the second or third Pratchett I'd read (can't remember, nine years later, if I read Night Watch before or after.) I wonder that I didn't notice how very strange it is, but then, I was convalescing from surgery at the time. As in 2004, it seems I could easily read stuff that was impenetrable when looked at later with a clearer head. In any case, the frequent shifts of scene confuse me as much as Diane Wynne Jones' trickier books do, and I seem unable to remember who anyone is. I fancy that the first time through it all washed over me unremarked, which is why I never noticed the connection to Night Watch until it was pointed out to me. Also why I remembered absolutely nothing about it.
Tags: pratchett, rl_17

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