mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Failure of the Will

Third weekend in May is the annual Doors Open event, which I've gone to several times. I'd thought in passing of going up to the Aga Khan museum, free admission and all, but my knee is being uncooperative and it's a weary trek. If I was going to the Japanese Cultural Centre on the same street (suburban, set amidst rolling grasslands, no lights, careless drivers) it would be easy enough: subway over to Broadview and Flemingdon bus up. But that lets you off on the north side. The alternate route, to get safely to stuff on the south side like the museum, is Bloor subway to Yonge, Yonge subway to Eglinton, and a slow infuriating plod along that main thoroughfare that's been reduced to two lanes by excavations for the LRT and the construction of half a dozen condo towers at main intersections.

(Have taken the Eglinton route for the JCC and risked my life crossing the street to get there, which is why one uses the alternate. For all I know there's a light near the museum, but I'm not counting on it.)

And I belatedly realize that I go to Doors Open out of a sense of obligation- 'I never go out, I *should* go look at buildings when I have the chance.' Architecture per se is not my thing. No doubt it's instructional to have been inside a synagogue or the Hare Krishna repurposed Methodist church or a Tibetan Buddhist temple at least once; but Anglican churches and Catholic cathedrals have nothing to teach me, nor do legislative buildings and architects' offices.

What I would jump at is a house and garden tour, because old houses are fascinating- especially if they haven't been renovated in open concept concrete. But both house tours and unconcrete are hard to find these days.
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