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Instant summer burdens - Off the Cliff

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Thu May 18th, 2017

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09:18 pm - Instant summer burdens
I admit it was delightful to sleep in a single long t-shirt last night, after more than six months of going to bed fully dressed and then some. The absence of bed socks was especially pleasant. Still, a hot house is not a happy house, and I have no idea how fast it will take for mine to cool. So if I go to bed in semi-undress, chances are I'll freeze by dawn; if I prepare for that low of 10, I will broil in the current 22. Ah well- keep the socks and duvets handy.

Had enough time before acupuncture today to nip into the Duff Mall and check for summer pants, which were not there. Nipped out, unlocked bike, and found bike was somehow not locked at all. Down to Dundas, find a post, and lock won't lock. Somehow- and I wonder how- the casing had got shifted about so the tumblers inside wouldn't come out far enough, or came out too far, to catch the legs. Spent five minutes rapping it and twisting it so the holes were even, dropping both parts regularly as I tried to turn my key and couldn't. Managed at last, not sure I could get it off later: and indeed, it was touch and go. Resigned to spending $100 plus on a new lock, I came home and tried, as a last resort, some WD-40; and that seems to have done the trick. Next time I'm there I lock it to the inconvenient bike stand, not one of the iron benches where people can try to hack my lock.

I know certain people sing out of tune because they're famous for it- Dylan and Cohen, chiefly. I have no ear at all so it doesn't bother me. Who does bother me is Joni Mitchell. I don't know if she's off-key or not, but she sounds it to me. And of course her voice is annoying in and of itself: scratchy and shrill, with moments of utter dork. (End of Big Yellow Taxi, anyone? Hee-hee-hee, Joni.)

But her voice is perfect for Free Man in Paris, which I love and have had playing in my head for some days now. It was my theme song in the 80s when I actually intended to live in Paris at some point, and never did because I recognized that Paris had no use for me at all. Or at least, French Paris didn't; I might have got along OK in immigrant Paris where there are (some) other big and clumsy people around. I went to Tokyo instead, where I was still too big and too clumsy, but at least the Japanese don't expect other people to embody the values they themselves express. The French, alas, do.
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Date:May 19th, 2017 01:51 am (UTC)
Good for WD-40, and saving $100!

Yes, re: the trickiness of temperature shifts in the night, though it's better that Horribly Hot all night through, as far as I'm concerned, and that's coming up at a rate of knots, glum, glum.
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Date:May 19th, 2017 02:11 am (UTC)
In my old age I've decided to throw economy out the window. When it's Horribly Hot I use the AC, period. The world's HH will trash my lungs sooner rather than later anyway, so I needn't save for my old old age.

(I still hate Horribly Hot and wish a volcano might explode somewhere uninhabited so we don't have it for a year or two.)
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Date:May 19th, 2017 07:21 am (UTC)
Yay for fixing your lock and not losing the bike while it was unlocked!! We have the same reverse problem, the bedroom is cold at night and hot by morning. I have no solution.
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Date:May 19th, 2017 01:55 pm (UTC)
We shall see if lock continues to work. It's a dozen years old and has seen some wear.

I start with beanbags and many layers. By morning the bags are cold (and lumpy and in the way) and I've thrown off the top layer of duvet. Two people changes the thermal equation, of course. Some friends have recommended separate bedding- two cocoons side by side, so to speak.

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