mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Summer 1, Ambition 0

So many people this evening, on my walk around the neighbourhood, saying 'Oh isn't this lovely? Isn't this just perfect weather?' High of 30, humidex of 35, brassy burning sun, sodden unmoving air. Let them move to Singapore, say I. My revenge: we go back to the autumnal teens for the long weekend.

Went down to Eating Centre and bought half a dozen tanktops. None as nice as the first ones I got a decade and more ago, but they will do. Will I throw out the thin ratty bleach-stained and much-darned ones now? Probably not; they might come in handy as dusters...

Having lost two kilos, plus/minus, I now feel flabby and fat.

Kowal, Without a Summer
-- have no excuse for my lack of progress, given the autumn temps of up-to-this-morning; but the twice/ thrice daily leg exercises take up a chunk of time.

Reading now?
More Kowal- Valour and Vanity.

Also started The Devil's Feast. The point of Carter's books seems to be to put people off the nineteenth century for good. Not that I needed putting off myself. Cholera at the pumps and arsenic in your green-dyed gown, oy vey.

Some book (another book) about How to Meditate coming from the library. I'm more taken with the webpage that runs down the various kinds of meditation and recommends metta for the easily distracted. Yes. Give me something to focus on.
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