mjj (flemmings) wrote,

On first looking into Minekura's Homura

I suppose I am cheered by the discovery that when Minekura is writing high style she too likes to end her stories with a big bow-wow of highflown rhetoric and allusive poetic phrases. Doubtless one can do that more respectably in Japanese than English. 'A logic that made opposites into one, two sides of the same thing. Good and evil. Nothing and something. Hope and despair. Past and present.' Mh. "La Tour Eiffel- c'est tout parce que c'est rien."

But since I've been there and done that and occasionally in my diminished fashion still do, I'm left with a certain failure of interest in translating the last four paragraphs of this thing. Shall break for lunch and Napoleonic dragons.
Tags: translation

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