mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Trompe l'oeil: out of season seasons.

It's a snow sky out there but of course it's not snowing, or even raining. That's just the cherries two doors down and the late-burgeoning trees in this cold May. Still it makes me feel all cozy, even cozier than in the real snow of real winter, because there's no problem with getting places. And trees filling up the sky all round are cozier than the stark emptiness of winter trees.

(In these grey skies I see glimpses of the cold iron May of '96, just back from Japan, or '89, just arrived in Japan, or Ursuline days in my serge uniform when the maples and lindens dropped yellow seedlings into the sand box in the yard and the lilacs overwhelmed with their smell.)

Temps will go above 20 next week and we'll be in a different world, so I make the most of the false-winter now; now that the Autumn Preview is a thing of the past, and March the mirror month of November is never guaranteed.
Tags: rl

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