mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Still 'November with flowers'

My neighbour's cherry blossoms scent the air as mine never did. Petals scatter and drift from my tree, but the cold keeps theirs intact.

Roofers came today so I stayed in, on the assumption I'd have to pay them when they finished since I hadn't given them a deposit. I was wrong; Mr Demchuk will send me a bill. Mr Demchuk is a very trusting man.

So I was virtuous: today I...
- did my exercises
- removed humidifiers from bedroom and desalinated them
- mended two pairs of pants
- vacuumed bedroom where dust elephants still gather behind the bed
- stripped bed and put duvet out to air
- pumped bike tires
- vacuumed and washed front hallway
- gathered recycling and put in (new, pathetically small) bin
- washed dishes
- amended chicken liver dish I made yesterday which lacked a certain something; the something was the large hunk of ginger sitting on the kitchen table. So cooked that and more veg and added to livers and ate for lunch.

Then went by work to bill my hours, spent an hour or so with the Limpet, came back and put a wash through; and now I'm exhausted. Sitting on a sofa reading all day doesn't wear one out nearly as much.

Just finished?
Kowal, Shades of Milk and Honey and Glamour in Glass.
- passes the time

And now?
Without a Summer, no.3 in the series. Plots thicken.

Valour and Vanity, no.4, awaits. I understand there's a no.5, but The Devil's Feast is on its way to me, so 5 can wait.
Tags: meme, reading_17, rl_17

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