mjj (flemmings) wrote,

And all the rain falls down, amen, on the works of last year's man

I wish my rain gaiters would arrive from England because the rain it raineth etc etc. scattering polka dot cherry blossoms on my mudroom roof. Roofer was in touch about the flat roof, noting "the weather doesn't cooperate with us." However it's cold as well as wet, which suits me. Wish it boded a cold summer but that didn't happen last year and won't this.

Finally got to the accountant and finally picked up my laptop, by dint of biking torn-up streets and morning traffic to a subway station on the n-s line, and going from there. Note new coffee shops in places I might go to once they stop tearing up streets and/or repair the potholes already there. Went through Helen's old neighbourhood, via a quiet street that runs behind where her house was. Quiet because the north side is railway lands and tracks after a high embankment, and south is small ex-worker's cottages now going in the millions. But with flowering trees and small front gardens and peace, except when the infrequent trains come through.

No work today but still up earlier than I wanted to be, and same again tomorrow. Shall have a zombie sleep deficit by the weekend, but at least it's the weekend.
Tags: place, rl_17

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