mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Sakura watch

The warmth and sun today may have brought all the cherries out in High Park (haven't checked so don't know) but they only persuaded the slightest bit of white to appear on mine. Which is fine: I'm in no rush.

But yesterday evening I went out to smell what few plums are left, and discovered a huge sweet-scented... *something* blooming whitely in my brother's yard. The s-i-l cut down a very large branch of the plum tree some time in the last few weeks- hence the dearth of blossoms- and at first I wondered if they'd just planted that somehow. Horticultural I am not. A phone call revealed that it's a currant bush and it's been there for years, putting out unnoticeable leaves and not much else. 'Doesn't have currants because there are no boy bushes around,' my bro explained. Well, neither does it have masses of blossoms either, but this year it does.
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