mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Bloomin' Saturday

Bought a laptop yesterday. Was moderately pleased by it, though now I have second thoughts. Mostly about the clerk who sold it to me- 'I build my own systems, I know these things'- who assured me that no, Win10 upgrades *never* led to loss of internet even though that was an issue as late as last December, and no, Win10 can never be made to look like Win 7 even though there are webpages that will tell you how to do just that. Now I regret the additional $150 she assured me I needed to spend for them to remove Windows bloatware from the thing. Shall probably not buy their $17 a month service package either. Especially if it turns out all my desktop internet problems can be solved by buying a new ethernet modem.

Plums are blooming out the back. University cherry trees, though many seem dead. My cherry is at the knobbly stage. This seems a bit early to me because the years I remember cherries blooming about the n'hood were ones with warm sunny spells in mid-April. But it may be that only cold winters and springs have everything blooming first week in May.

Suddenly have Tuesday to Friday off next week. In access of optimism think 'I should go see someone out of town.' Not sure there's anyone to see, alas.

Washing machine has mystery leak- into the machine, fortunately. Come down to do laundry and find it 1/3 full. Turned off cold tap last time, find it 1/3 full again. Shall shut off hot tap next and see what difference that makes. Truly, plumbers and dentists are the curse of the modern bank balance.
Tags: rl_17, techy

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