mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wet Thursday

1. Day off. Physio'd and acupunctured and got soaked both times. What I need is a butcher's apron or whatever, a wide piece of rubber I can tie around my waist and that covers my thighs. That's the bit that gets itchy wet when bicycling in the rain, and that causes colds.

2. If not for rain, I might have dropped in at work to say good-bye to the excellent student I didn't get to say good-bye to yesterday. Student break area is next to the laundry room, and for six weeks V. would go into the latter, empty the washing machine and load it into the dryer. No one else has ever done that, or at any rate, gone on doing that after they were hired full-time.

3. There was incense burning at acupuncture. Some people are allergic but I am not, and a different smell makes it feel like a different place.

4. I have an old robe of my mother's- what I would call a caftan except I think she bought it before caftans were known over here. It served as a temporary replacement for her regular black velvet hostess gowns when the latter became unavailable for whatever reason. Doubtless she found it unsatisfactory, which is why it still survives. I don't wear it much because, even though I was two inches taller than my mother, the robe is two inches too long for me. I know I've shrunk but why didn't it nag on her? Heels, perhaps.

5. The forsythia are having a great year of it in spite of chill and rain. Doubtless the clumps of yellow are cheery and all, but I find them a bit overdone. Keep that colour for daffodils, say I.
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