mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reading Wednesday

Last finished?
A Distant Mirror, finally. Now I know more about the 14th century than I did, but still think Tuchman more fun when talking about the 20th.

The Hanging Valley, an Inspector Banks mystery, no.1 in the omnibus I failed to give away. This is an earlier one where Banks is still happily married and he, or his author, is less likely to comment on the breasts of every woman he meets. It's also the one where Banks visits Toronto in a precisely rendered late 80s summer, either '87 or '88 (the book is dated '89), both of which were hideous. Banks hits certain areas I'm familiar with. Can't guarantee that Pauper's or the Madison in those days were truly Brit pubs where the expats hung out, but it's always possible.

Started on no.2 in that anthology, and if it remains as weird about women as no.1 was in its way, I shall not bother to read no.3. It has a Lesbian couple, so no bets.

The Wandering Scholars of course, still.

Didn't start Carolingian Portraits since none of them were of scholars that Waddell mentions.

Have The House of Binding Thorns and still haven't started it. May need better weather or not-April.
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