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Have been translating all weekend so far and have pinched a nerve in my right shoulder doing it. Proof that typing is every bit as debilitating as hefting babies, and the screen doesn't even love you back. Have also discovered, four pages from story's end, that once again the brilliant idea I had for a fic- now three pages long itself- came from the forgotten denouement of this Yumemakura story. Well, not the details, but only because I hadn't yet worked out the details of the fic. Still, it's a nicely chilling denouement and I look forward to finishing the translation.

But not now, because my shoulder hurts, and because once again I'm hung up on how-do-you-translate 呪, ju, which everyone here knows as a (magic) curse but which Seimei (and Yumemakura) use in a broader sense of more-or-less 'magic words with magical effect.' I mean, I'm translating it 'spell' (unless I translate it incantation) but maybe I should be translating it 'magic'. I dunno. Ju wo kakeru turns into cast a spell just fine, but magic has no such specific verb attached to it.

ETA: Have hit the crux that ends the night. Something cold/ shivery and like a sasakure, stands on end up (ripples up?) Hiromasa's spine on seeing Taizan Fukun. Five dictionaries, three of them J-J, assure me with maddening uniformity that sasakure is a) a hangnail b) a frayed end c) a frayed temper. In kendo, a splinter. *But* google "sasakure no you na" and there are people talking about their hidoi sasakure no you na feelings at, f'rinstance, bleeding heavily after cutting themselves accidentally on a razor's edge; or the top of the Nagasaki Memorial that just after the war looked like a crown of thorns or a sasakure no you na thing. I'm stumped. I can't even begin to think what's meant here.

paleaswater, I still can't get into the Aesthe directory. Also I want to visit NY before the weather gets impossible which it'll probably do in June. How's your schedule for the next month?
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