mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Cooler today

Accomplished reasonably this morning. Succeeded in finally ordering a new recycle bin from the city, something small to replace the behemoth they gifted me with nine years ago which I put out once every three pickups ie every six weeks. I'm sure that's labour-saving for them. But in my age I find pushing or pulling a full behemoth is a strain on the elbows and shoulders. Equally, my even more aged neighbour has taken to stowing her small-sized bins at the head of the walkway between our houses, and without crossing the property line prevents me from taking my bin down to the back of the house. It's lived on the front lawn all winter, walkways being often impassable in that season, but now it's crushing the ground cover and needs to go elsewhere. So I too shall have a small-sized bin which can live happily on the porch, where it's much easier to fill.

Then called the College of Early Childhood Ed to demand a renewal form for my registration ('fill it out online') and picked up my new lenses. Some recruiting firm for Foodora, the bike delivery company, was going around leaving seatcovers on all the parked bicycles, that asked 'Want to be a food courier?' No I do not, but I'm quite happy to have a bright pink seatcover to replace the shredding green Fiesta plastic bag that covers my shredding vinyl seat.

Virtuously did laundry and washed the weekend's dishes this evening: but in doing the last I knocked over my bottle of precious codeine-laden cough syrup whose lid was of course not screwed on tightly (screw it tightly and you must run it under hot water to open it again: it's *sugary* codeine syrup) and spilled an ounce or so. Mopped it up with paper towels and put paper towels in a cup of water: one does not waste this sucker, if only because my doctor won't give renewals. Fingers crossed, though I sneeze mightily, the spasmodic cough has held off for the nonce.
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