mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Spent yesterday translating, which left me exhausted as translating will. Slept badly with twinging body parts and woke today with the concrete neck o' doom, which isn't quite concrete enough to take a muscle relaxant for; achy shoulders, twinging elbows (perennial and nothing works on them: maybe it's tendonitis after all) and general blahs. I am a baby-hefter, not a desk-sitter. I should go heft some babies to get things back in order.

But instead I'm contemplating the Twilight Zone feeling of another Vanishing Review. Years ago paleaswater lent me a manga about a bunch of, uhh, architect detectives, wasn't it? I remember writing a review of it. She remembers reading my review of it. There is no trace of a review to be found anywhere on my computer, which has everything I ever wrote .

Akino Matsuri's Genjuu no Seiza, Zodiac of the Demon Beasts. Fun stuff. I remember putting up a review at Aesthe. There is no review at Aesthe. There isn't even an unlinked review in the Aesthe files. But I remember putting it up and in fact linking people to it.

Fortunately for my sanity there is indeed a Genjuu review in Word, written in April '04 just as I remember. Why did I never put it up on the site? Beats me. Shall go do it shortly.
Tags: aesthe, fandom, manga, manga_06, rl_06

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