mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Saints for our time

St Ijanel, saint of anti-procrastination.

Psalm to same, courtesy of [personal profile] fadeaccompli
Ijanel is my saint; I shall not linger.
She maketh me to rise up from soft couches:
she leadeth me unto the work waiting.
She restoreth my nerve:
she leadeth me in the paths of productivity for my deadlines' sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of doubt,
I will fear no hesitation: for thou art with me;
thy goad and thy hook they encourage me.
Thou preparest a racecourse before me in the presence of mine doubters:
thou anointest my hands with ink; my spirit runneth over.
Surely action and determination shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will stand at the riverbanks with Ijanel for ever.
The March winds roar, a month or so early. Am used to 'winds gusts up to 54 kmh' happening in early April because they regularly stop me from getting birthday alcohol for my bro. This is-- oh well, the new order.

Only Night Witch. Not being strong with the visuals, it required some rereading to figure who was doing what to whom. Face blindness + artist style makes all the Russian women look like the same Russian woman to me. Also can I say how depressing I find Russian anythings? Holdover from the Cold War or the fact that Russian gangsters and Russian billionaires (same difference) are nasty little men with no saving style or panache at all?

Reading now?
Still Nightwood, still some Nora Bonesteel, still A Distant Mirror. "Ijanel, Ijanel, come to my aid/ And find me a reason to finish this page." Because right now I can't find one. Books delight not me, nor internet neither

Up next?
Truly, I can't think of anything I might want to read. Maybe I should just do a clean sweep of all those reproachful and depressing books sitting about- The Decameron, the Showings of Julian of Norwich, Nightwood, The Skull Mantra- put them in a Wee Free Library and never have to see them again. And read something utterly non-fic and basic, like Mencius.
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