mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Things that work

1. Now that certain experts are saying there's no point to flossing because ur doing it rong, capitalism has concocted a host of toothpick variations instead. (I never liked floss's wastefulness, though the toothpicks are wasteful too, even if multi-use.) The plastic picks are well enough, but the tiny bottle-brushes in graded sizes are even better. I have a bridge, and getting stuff out of it is a pain with fiddly floss threaders, and somehow floss doesn't grab the raspberry pips and caraway seeds that regularly lodge there; but the bottle brushes can poke at it from both sides. Also they bend at 90 degree angles to allow angles of approach that otherwise torment my arthritic wrists and elbows.

2. The good heavy-duty cough syrup that stopped the spasm-even-to-vomiting routine is alas no longer on the market. I have a replacement which tastes worse, isn't covered by the gov't's drug plan, and makes me noticeably light-headed. But oh it stops the coughing seizures, and I can clear my gooey lungs in a civil manner. Sinuses keep draining so I'm still too waterlogged to sleep flat, but the damnable tickle in the bronchi has vanished.

3. Loblaws makes a Greek salad for six dollars. Add a tablespoon of feta salad dressing to that and it leaves me feeling full. This may solve the perennial dinner problem when I'm trying to lose weight: something light in bulk that fills me enough to sleep. The alternative is shrimp, but shrimp cost. (Must lose weight because knee is still spasming even with meds. Operation is looking inevitable, to be postponed only by not making the poor joint carry as much as I have these past eighteen months.)
Tags: food, health, rl_17

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