mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reading Wednesday, now on Thursday

And abbreviated, because the lurgey is still debilitating and not helped at all by mid-April temperatures.


Being sick does conduce to reading, at least.

Chayamachi Suguro, Jirou
-- manga, blink and it's gone BL, very 90s guys in 90s fashions. Artwork slightly different but not enough to keep

McCrumb, She walks these hills
-- I did read a Nora Bonesteel, way back in Japan; one of Mary Senpai's, who comes from that end of the world. Appalachian mystery, well enough.

Heruka, Life of Milarepa
-- The Big Noise of popular Tibetan Buddhism, as I'm given to understand. In medieval Tibet one goes off to study black magic with the local black magician, kills a bunch of people and lays waster to their crops, then has second thoughts. Evidently so do other black magicians- 'mmh about this karma thing, maybe I should ease up?'

Ashley, ed, Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures
-- glad to have finished the ill-edited thing, but must keep for the useful bibliography and tables at the back.

But that's three more for Mt TBR.

Another Nora Bonesteel, The Rosewood Casket
Still with A Distant Mirror, now more than half-through, I believe.

I got Smoke from the library, fictional Londons and all that; but the first chapter read fantoddy from the standpoint of bronchitis and sweats. Still have rattley lungs, convulsive coughing fits, and the wanhope that comes from drowning in one's own fluids, so may take the thing back and try in a saner season.
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