mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The healing bod

Pure coincidence, no doubt, that the morning after acupuncture the spiny thorns in my bronchial tubes that grip every time I cough, vanish swa heo na waere. Wish I'd been well enough to make the Friday appointment, but am grateful for relief at last.

Visited doctor (whose excuse for not giving me pain meds- 'You had three refills, you couldn't have needed them'- I find a little lacking. If I didn't need them would I have asked for them? Twice?), got scrips for everything sent to pharmacy, came home, just a little lie-down before I go get them: and slept an estimated four hours. Still groggy, even with dinner, think I may be back in bed again by 10:30.

Today's gratitude: healthcare, medicine, and not having to work full-time to get either.
Tags: health

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