mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Global warming

Lovely spring day out there- 11C, over 50F. Nice if it wasn't only February. And I indoors except for two bicycle trips to nearby supermarkets for supplies, including cold pills. This time of year the sun slants in the bedroom windows, revealing more dust bunnies than ought to be there given the presence of the air purifier. So I vacuum the bedroom and dust the tables and then have to leave the house because of the ensuing sneezing spell and itchy throat.

Next money-sink: having my ducts cleaned.

When I first moved in here I had a cat, and cat refused to be excluded from my bedroom so I had to leave the door open. But straight down the hallway was the bathroom window that sent its brite March sun bouncing off the white tile of the bath and the cream tile of the hallway straight into my room. So a friend made me a door curtain of blue velvet lined with cotton. I keep it in the doorway still, even though Jenny died twenty years and more ago. But of course I had to take everything down for last week's sanding and tile removal of the hall.

And then it occurred to me: could I put the curtain over my blind-less middle window, the one that leaks heat? Would the spring-rod fit? Why yes, yes it would. And my room is deep darkness once again. With the current temperatures the cold is suddenly not a problem, but I'm happy to be spared the before 7 am sun until we hit 'spring back' in a week or two.
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