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1. Handed a shou ga nai early shift this morning, I took half an ativan to guarantee sleep at an unnatural hour (10:30 p.m.) Slept till phone alarm went off, as one will, and found ITB and leg tendons and knee tendons and all that stuff loose and relaxed, not tightened into immovability. If only ativan weren't addictive and paradoxical over time.

2. Alarm was set two hours before shift began on account of yestereven's snowflurries that were already carpeting the sidewalk as I went to bed. They evaporated overnight leaving me bare dry streets to bicycle in.

3. Morning was -5C cold (23F). mvrdrk's mitts kept my hands warm though the icy winds did blow.

4. No work tomorrow (forecast).

And one sadness:

Chainlink fences up around the empty businesses on Markham St.

Not all books in the Mt TBR challenge are equal. It's geographical. Second floor bedrooms' books have priority over study and first floor books; kitchen and living room books have it over front room; last of all are mudroom books, inherited from parents or bought with good intentions in the long-ago past. But looking for a real golden oldie, I thought 'Maybe it's finally time to read Goethe's Faust in Barker Fairley's translation.' Roust it from mudroom bookshelf where it lives next to the Austens and Bowens (the first read long ago, the latter never), start, have odd sense of deja vue. The devil making a bargain with God and remarking how he likes to drop in on the Almighty from time to time (meaning I'm not remembering Job)-

-we had this at home, in a proper verse translation (Fairley's is uninspired prose), and I could swear there were Gustave Doré illustrations. But this article on books Dore should have illustrated and didn't, puts Faust at no.5.

(No, he should *not* have illustrated Tolkien. Poe, yes; Gormenghast, certainly; Hugo, no doubt. But not The Lord of the Rings.)
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