mjj (flemmings) wrote,

In which I Art

Woke with little desire to get out of bed or do much of anything. Thus made myself bike down to the AGO to see the Mystical Landcape exhibit, so I could say I'd gone. Alas that it left me unimpressed. Possibly I lack the mystical mindset; or possibly the experience was diffused by the slow-moving crowds, three-quarters of whom were carrying a phone-like object with the recorded commentary, that rendered them oblivious to the presence of anyone else. The terracotta warriors was more crowded, but people weren't tuned in to voices only they could hear.

Anyway, mystical landscape to me means Harald Sohlberg. Though there's a stunning work by the Belgian Symbolist Degouve de Nunques. Online articles link him inextricably with Magritte, and one can see why. But the present exhibit has The Pool of Blood (the only online image seems to be from a reproduction site) which, in context of the WW1 paintings that surround it, has a nightmare frisson.

Thought to try out the AGO's seriously overpriced restaurant, but the smiling maitre d' said that alas, there were no seats at the bar or counter, and 'I have reservations for all the tables' (pants on fire) so I went and gorged on dumplings and scallion pancakes in Chinatown for a third what Frank's boeuf bourguignon would have cost. Wandered up to work to ascertain Monday's schedule, then in another fit of industry biked to the dollar store and bought a new laundry basket to replace that which was 'borrowed' by certain co-workers unnamed. Had Chinese leftovers for early dinner, then for my final act, stripped flannel sheets from bed and duvet, put on new, and washed the old at the laundromat. So I may feel virtuous and accomplished for today at least.
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