mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Arghities again

Oh my ISP. Still can't get at my spam mailbox, still receiving hourly! spam reports for the ancient email of fifteen years ago. Still wait times of an hour+. Call and they advise emailing; email and they advise calling; call and they suggest you leave a number for a call-back which will take 'several hours- but we *will* call you back!'

Started The Book of Life because I want to know about that Ashmole ms, dammit, but argh argh argh can't take the vampires and witches and innumerable family members and the horrid things they did to each other and all the horrid secrets which weren't hinted at before but which we will have heaped on us in ever larger servings. I could look at goodreads and spoil myself for plot, or I could just put the damn things on the lawn and forget they ever existed.

Weary of reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Holmes-- doesn't help when you know the gimmick--, in an evil hour I picked up The Decameron again. I am now officially half way through, and it's as tedious and leaden as ever.
Tags: reading_17, techy

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