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Unexpected happiness - Off the Cliff

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Sat Jan 7th, 2017

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09:27 pm - Unexpected happiness
Don't know why I checked the mailbox: Saturday delivery went out in the 70s, I believe. But evidently parcels are different, because there was a large amazon box inside, and in the box was a gift-wrapped birthday present from incandescens. Which I at once opened, not being in the mood to wait till my actual birthday. So I now have The Kalevala, *not* in the translation which inspired Hiawatha thank god.

(The reason I never tried reading The Kalevala is because I read this first:

He killed the noble Mudjokivis.
Of the skin he made him mittens,
Made them with the fur side inside,
Made them with the skin side outside.
He, to get the warm side inside,
Put the inside skin side outside;
He, to get the cold side outside,
Put the warm side fur side inside.
That's why he put the fur side inside,
Why he put the skin side outside,
Why he turned them inside outside.)

Am a little kerblonxed to discover that The Kalevala was a stitched-together work, and the stitching was done deliberately in the 1830s. I grant you The Iliad and The Odyssey and Beowulf, and for all I know the Mahabharata as well, were all stitched together, but, you know-- that all happened back *then*, and there were probably multiple stitchers, and anyway there's no record of them doing it, so, like, it doesn't count. It just seems a bit erm like cheating to give one character's lament to another woman entirely who has been trifled with by wanton Lemminkäinen and his trifling ways, merely for the sake of a good story.

So thank you very much, incandescens. This should prove an excellent winter read, unless I get so tired of "wanton Lemminkäinen" that I write 'horndog' in black ink over every occurrence of the adjective. I mean, it still scans.

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Date:January 8th, 2017 06:26 pm (UTC)
Delighted it got there in time, and happy birthday!

Yes, "horndog" would be a good alternate adjective. So would "braindead". I pity his poor mother.

As by night alone he went
his way through the villages
there to the long headland's end
to the tenth village
he saw not one house
in which were not three swellings
he saw no dwelling
in which were not three fellows
he saw no fellow
who was not honing a sword
not sharpening a hatchet
meant for Lemminkainen's head...
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Date:January 8th, 2017 08:54 pm (UTC)
Some mothers do have them. And while I'm not usually a 'blame the parents' type person, I do sometimes mutter, 'Jeez, lady, consequence your kid.' Though I suppose consequencing wasn't A Thing several thousand years ago, just to judge by ohh world history...

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