mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Grumbles and gratitudes

1. Rained all day. Rain removed most of the lingering ice so I could bicycle.

2. The Bloor St bike lanes are strewn with debris that makes using them an antsy prospect, especially the large chunks of black ice kicked off the sidewalk and the sharp twigs detached from the trees during heavy snows. I'd never chance using the lanes in winter if there were more power bicyclists out. But again, the city has little snowplow bobcats solely for the lanes. Without them, and with street parking, there'd be an immovable shelf of ice and snow piling up onto the curb, cars parked several feet out in the street to avoid those, and thus no room for a bicycle at all. And of course, during rush hour when street parking is suspended, there'd be four lanes of irascible traffic jostling for 1.5 lanes on each side, and death to all two-wheelers.

3. No work tomorrow, so I may recover from today.

4. My old Dirt Devil has lost the hoovering power of its youth and been banished to the downstairs front room, but it still does an adequate job of cleaning up the salt and grit I track in with my deep-tracked boots, so I needn't wrestle the excellent but heavy old Electrolux out to do it.

5. There are no more 50-100-150 watt trilights to be had. (There are 100-200-300 at Weiners, but the base is for those huge sockets that come with '30s lamps, is why they still remain.) But Weiners' also had 30-60-100 trilights, and I got half a dozen, and must be content with those. 150 was always too strong for anything but sewing anyway.
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