mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy mistakes

1. The weather is cold, which means I can put my kitchen scraps directly into the green bin outside instead of keeping them in bags in the freezer. And I can do this because last fall I thought I'd bought garden waste bags but instead had bought 'back to earth' waxed paper bags for lining green bins. Of course I wouldn't use those when the temps are above freezing, because c'mon- stink plus raccoons, however much my green bin is supposed to latch. But now, even if we're supposed to hit above freezing a few days round about Christmas, the chicken bones and such are outside, not in.

2. The blinds in my bedroom rest on cheap aluminum hooks which invariable bend and/or pull away from the wall so that the blind falls down when pulled on. This happens most often with the center blind which requires great care when raising or lowering. Last time it fell down with a mighty crash I said the hell with it and let it lie. Put a shoji screen across the window instead. Result is that there's actually light in my room when the day dawns, filtering through the curtain and sheers above the screen. Thus the hibernating reflex, which kicks in big time when the blind is down and the room is always dark, is slightly forestalled and I *can* wake up at a decent time if so minded. Of course, I'm convinced the blind used to block the wind, and that's why my room is slightly colder than usual this year; but I can always shrink wrap that window too at need.

3. Had physio appt this morning six blocks away as the crow flies, so was naturally reluctant to wait for non-existent bus to subway, take subway one stop, and walk a block up. I can usually do this in less than fifteen minutes; snow increases time to half an hour; and snow turned to ice results in swollen knee ligaments after four blocks and me limping painfully for the remaining. So they ultrasounded and electropulsed and acupunctured and massaged the thing, and then gave me a new brace to try. Adjustable in three places, and not a sleeve but something that starts flat. And it seems to work. I can feel the knee aching after a certain amount of walking, but it no longer stabs.

The only drawback is that the material stinks to high heaven. As I discovered when lying on the couch and wondering what the acrid smell was- furnace overheating metal, chemical fire somewhere nearby, next door cooking something unholy? But worth it for the relief.
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