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Friday Gratitudes - Off the Cliff

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Fri Dec 16th, 2016

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08:53 pm - Friday Gratitudes
1. Three Xmas cards in the mail. True, one was from my chiropractor, but cards are cards in this e-age.

2. I have gin and two kinds of vermouth, so surcease from pain awaits me when I get home.

3. Hydro bill arrives. Saga here- last bill I underpaid by a couple of dollars, and then when I noticed the fact I added an extra whatever-it-was ($3? $4?). But maybe my fingers slipped on the keyboard or maybe I was feeling flush, because I actually topped it up by $40, so this month's bill is twenty and change.

4. Bar acts of God, only one place I must be tomorrow and one Sunday, and otherwise I shall lie in bed, or on bed, with heated beanbags, and read my Dr Siris and listen to the snow turn to sleet turn back to snow. (Listen because the side bedroom has shoji screens that shut out the dispiriting view of the house-next-door a scant five feet away from me, if that.)
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