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Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

My cold only troubles me when at work. Why should that be, I wonder? It's still at the sore throat/ general malaise stage, but with enough medication in me I don't much notice it. However I've cancelled attendance at the staff dinner tomorrow, alas, because for once it was a dinner for the P/Ters- some of whom work rather more hours than the F/Ters- and it's nice to be appreciated. Also because it's at a Greek restaurant out the Danforth where I haven't been since I was a Classics undergrad. Well, no matter. It will be loud and my whiskey voice is not up to the hilarity of twenty-odd people.

Three more Cotterills. I see no slacking of his powers in the later books, so if I'm mobile tomorrow (knees are having hissy cows about boots, as ever) I shall get the next in the series.

Edward Carey, Heap House
-- first of a trilogy and I think I will not read the next two. Nicely done for what it's doing and a cut above other YA if that's what it really is (I think it's classified wrong myself) but-- I'm just not in the mood for the Unheimlich.

Reading now?
Dipping back into Tuchman's A Distant Mirror, from a felt need for some meat and potatoes in my diet. M&P this year pretty much means history and biography, generally the Italian Renaissance. A Distant Mirror is the pre-history to that, sort of: what the Renaissance came out of.

And next?
I have the first in Cotterill's other series, which I may start, and Okorafor's Akata Witch.
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