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Tuesday gratitudes - Off the Cliff

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Tue Dec 13th, 2016

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07:09 pm - Tuesday gratitudes
1. Gas bill comes. Since I've been doing this 'poor Jeanne's a-cold and dammit I *deserve* to heat the house to 20C at night' indulgence, I steeled myself for the worst. Can't speak to the sum, which is my notion of reasonable, but the usage graph said 'You used 2% more heat than the same period last year' (the notoriously warm late fall of 2015, you may recall) 'and the weather has been 5% colder.' Go me.

2. S-E corner house at Christie & Follis has snowplowed its half-block expanse on Follis, so I don't need to attempt the Baptists' frozen ridged ice fields when walking from the bus stop.

3. Two unexpected cheques at work. The gov't's top-up for whichever pay period. Extra 200 just at Christmas= much appreciated.

4. Staff for whom I worked on Friday returns favour and does my short shift this afternoon, so I can take my blocked sinuses and Marlene Dietrich voice home to bed at 4, in daylight. Not that it made much difference to the transit crowds, but at least I didn't have to push my way onto the Spadina car as I do at 6.

5. Provider still hasn't got back to me about inaccessible spam filter, and their web mail interface frequently doesn't want to load; but they've started sending me digests of spam reports, which obviates the necessity of going to the filter. At least until I want to release something from it, which I still may not be able to do.

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Date:December 14th, 2016 02:33 am (UTC)
Stay warm. We have no motivation for sleeping on branches, drinking vinegar, or keeping the heat down unnecessarily. Warmth is good.

(I have acquired an incredibly cuddly pair of fleece/fake-fur pyjamas. I am struggling with an urge to buy a second pair. They are so warm. Even if they are leopard-print. I curl up in them with bedsocks on, in bed, and I am warm.)
[User Picture]
Date:December 14th, 2016 05:28 am (UTC)
^__^ *sneaking in* Leopard print is all the rage these days ^_~ ... I agree, staying warm is a good, good thing!

I am completely rubbish with the cold.
[User Picture]
Date:December 14th, 2016 03:24 pm (UTC)
You're talking about n. England cold, which is an insidious beast that begins inside and works its way out. Even 'true north strong and free' me wept at Lancashire cold, back in the day.
[User Picture]
Date:December 15th, 2016 04:32 am (UTC)
I'm dreading going back ... it doesn't happen often but ... it's going to have to happen ... and even if we go in the summer ... I might still suffer greatly!

Stay warm dear. ^_^

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Date:December 14th, 2016 03:22 pm (UTC)
Warmth is excellent, but how true it is that as one ages the world feels colder.

Indulge! Indulge! *You* don't have central heating.
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Date:December 15th, 2016 01:29 am (UTC)
Probably a good idea to purchase a second pair now. If I leave it to January, they may already have vanished from the shops, to be replaced by April/May level clothing...

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